Cherilyn Smith is a Woman on a Mission.   Cherilyn or “Cher” as she is also known is the admin and head writer of  In addition, she is the author of the book “Black Women Deserve Better™”,  published in 2008. Cher is a pro-marriage, progress driven blogger whose unique perspectives motivate her readers towards attaining their personal goals. She maintains the position that Black women MUST consider men from all racial/ethnic backgrounds to realize increased potential for love.

Cher’s forum will ask the hard questions, challenging mindsets and herd mentalities which frequently overtake common sense. “Black Women Deserve Better” is results-oriented and otherwise incompatible with a “read-only” audience. Intact families, safe environments, love, increased knowledge & living well are top priority. Pointless conversation loops, circular logic and debates opposing these core  principles are not welcomed. This site accommodates resources which complements our mission and interests. The main objective of Cher’s platform is fostering relationships with reciprocal parties who support, uplift and positively interact with Black women.

I look forward to hearing more from Cherilyn as she is relentless in efforts to bring positive messages to young black women and girls.  She wants no less than excellence and striving for the best instilled in each one.  Cherilyn will be publishing her second book in the Fall of 2013.

If you are a Woman On A Mission, please let us know!