You Can’t Find Real Love Online by Zaron Burnett III of Thought Catalog

I’ve said it numerous times. And I didn’t think it was possible. It certainly isn’t possible with that attitude. But here’s an interesting modern statistic: 1 in 5 relationships start online.

According to research recently published in the journal “Psychological Science in the Public Interest,” 20% of all relationships begin on the internet. Apparently, the stigmas once attached to dating online have disappeared and been replaced with a real appreciation for the effectiveness of finding love digitally. No longer is internet dating an escape for the desperate, the lonely and the dirt-bags of the world. These days single people all over the world find each other in that vast digital environment of 1s and 0s.

My introduction to online dating was through a friend. He used Yahoo Personals and Craigslist Personals to meet lonely divorcees and single mothers. Invariably, he would go out with them, woo them, give them an awesome night out, sleep with them and never see them again. And when I say a friend I’m not secretly referring to myself. My mom was both a single mother and a divorcee. So is my sister. I can’t treat a woman like that. Regardless, seeing someone use online dating that way tainted my view of it. And those goofy ads for dating sites like made it seem like it’s for people who couldn’t attract a date. That’s not really my problem.

I don’t struggle to find dates. Instead I have difficulty meeting a woman who holds my interest. Living in Los Angeles, I’m surrounded by beautiful and attractive women but I rarely meet a woman who’s as much of an odd duck as I am. And now I’ve reached an age where people worry I’ll always be alone so they often gently suggest, or ask, “Have you ever considered online dating?”
For those who’ve discovered the love of their life on the internet they can’t imagine anything more natural. And truth be told, as someone who fell in love on the internet I know how they feel. Before, whenever someone asked me about finding love online I scoffed and haltingly described it as kind of laughable or sad that a person couldn’t find love in the real world and had to turn to the internet. To avoid hurting their feelings, I usually just changed the subject. Now, I know how wrong I was.  Read the rest of the story.