Special to Interracial Marriage and Family by Mariko Hiromi Kimura of Yours Beyond Borders

Amidst all the happy chatter and sweet coffee aroma which filled the entire cafe that morning of a public holiday, I spotted him right away. Deeply engrossed in Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”, he hadn’t noticed me and was completely oblivious to all the activity around him. Some things never change…

…still the same Bertram with that pair of edgy “French artist” black plastic frames we had picked together. Finally, he had gotten down to reading “Art of War”, which he had been talking about for the longest time. Almost like it was only yesterday, I could feel his arms wrapped protectively around me as I gazed through those black frames into his dreamy blue eyes that twinkled like the open sea basking in the sun.

My eyes lingered just a little longer, pondering momentarily on transcience…before turning back to my own novel. I had always thought that if I ever saw him again, my heart would wince. But to my own surprise, watching him from a distance and a year on, I found myself smiling.

Some of the best and worst moments of my twenties speak about the pain of a long-time relationship with a high school sweetheart shattering into glass shards that pierced right through your being, then falling in and out of love sometimes with a**holes and other times with amazing souls, but always ending up in disappointments and pain anyway.

Although the year I turned 30, I made a decision to hold out for something which aligned not only within my soul but with the universe, did I ever regret opening…. Continue reading