This post caused a mini firestorm on my FB page. I revisted a case from 1996. Remember the black girl named Keshia Thomas from Ann Arbor, MI who with her own body protected a KKK rally supporter from being beaten? Maybe she had just watched an episode of “The Hulk” and figured her body could transform into a gamma radiatied being able to withstand, kicks, punches, sticks and stones from enraged protesters. Whatever Thomas’ motivation, her brave act of humanity touched millions and softened the Klan organizer’s heart and he thanked her. Ironic.

Some were like “Oh, I could never!” Other’s were like: “Oh how compasionate!” I understood all sides as this is not exactly, excuse the pun, black and white. This young girl put herself in harms way and could have been seriously injured or even killed. The man Thomas shielded was not a KKK member, he was just there to support them.

A lady on my page argued about the Klan’s history which we well know. But I do wonder if any Klansmen ever had a change of heart and could not go through with a hateful act of cross burning or even worse lynching or murder. Did anyone ever stop an act saving a black person’s life? I don’t know but I want to appeal to the humanity of people with a conscious and hope that someone, somewhere did just that.

If faced with a similar situation as Keshia Thomas, what would you do?