Yeah we know that Dylann Roof thought in his mind that a race war would ensue after his terrorism and massacre of nine innocent people.  Then the coward ran because he was not about to commit suicide.  He just thought he could get away and that would be it.  I am not so quick to give him the mental illness excuse at all.  He acted alone his terror and not to diminish his evil acts at all others feel as he does.  It is tragic.

The good people of Charleston, South Carolina showed him and the Nation a thing or two about forgiveness.  Just as Roof was mistaken, many blacks are as well.  Demonstrated in both these videos are such displays of ignorance I find it hard not to laugh.  Obviously this is no laughing matter, but a devastatingly serious one with enough flawed thinking to go around.

I just have to shake my head at this woman.  She has derailed any chance for a civil discourse with her utter ridiculousness.  Too bad that others share her opinions, but thankfully most do not.  Her attitude is equally tragic.  Heckling and interruption news coverage stories is no way to engage in real dialogue and come up with solutions.  We should dismiss talk about an impending race war no matter who is speaking.  Though some on both sides love to predict an us against them war, logic and common sense has to rule at the end of the day.

Those of us in interracial marriages and relationships may need to have some discussions, but we must remember that racism is not new and is going nowhere any time soon.  We stand and remain strong regardless.

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