Want to meet Scandinavian Men?  Black Women Scandinavian Marriage is a traditional, interracial dating site for singles who want to date and marry nationally or internationally.  So once you join, you put in your criteria and see who comes up.  It has a general data base so criteria is important. 

As a member of the Black Women In Europe ™ network, I have had the privilege to meet several black women who have chosen to live, study or work abroad.  Many of these black women live in Scandinavian countries and all over Europe, Asia, Australia and Central/South America.  But in Scandinavia, specifically they are living in Denmark, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Norway and Sweden.   As a matter of fact Adrianne George Lind, the founder of Black Women In Europe™, the BWIE Power List™ and co-editor of Black Expat Magazine is from Washington DC, but has lived happily in Sweden for a few years married to a Swedish man.  Adrianne recently completed Black Women in Europe Blog™ Anniversary Book:  10 Years in The Making celebrating the 10th year anniversary of Black Women in Europe™ network.  Be sure to order your copy and be enlightened, enriched and empowered!


Meet my friend Keisha Berry-Lappalainen. Keisha met her husband online and is a wonderful success story. In her words (from Pinterest, Instagram and her Mommy Kiki Can Blog):

“I’m a southern girl from Atlanta, GA. Married to a wonderful Nordic man in south Finland. Hubby and I have two gorgeous little girls and we all live very well! I love being a stay at home mom and all the fun things that includes. It’s not all work of course! I have an intense love for Bento lunches, dinner parties, tablescaping, cooking, and shopping!”

Keisha is a Bento Box Queen, creating fun and healthy meals any kid would want to eat. I realize Keisha is a super busy mom, but I hope she gets back to posting on her blog for us who are hungry for more of her Bento Box creations.  Keisha is yet another testament to how using her creativity and making good choices has helped her to carve out a good life for herself and family despite being in a foreign land and having to learn another language. Fabulous!

Of course moving overseas is not for everyone.  But you could also bring a perspective mate to the US with proper vetting and plans for marriage.  But for those who welcome the challenge, there are many African women married to men all over Europe.  Black American and many other races of women have also made Europe their homes for many reasons.  Many find that Europeans are more open-minded to interracial relationships.  Due diligence!  Do your homework and research everything.  I don’t think anyone should be naive as to think that Europe is free of racism or discrimination, but imagine the possibilities of marrying and raising a family there.  It would just be nice to meet a great guy with whom you can be friends first — after all, Black Women Scandinavian Marriage™ is still an online dating site.  Vetting is always important when choosing friends, but it is also especially important when choosing a perspective mate; so practice the same level of caution as you would with anyone on or offline.

Good luck to all who join Black Women Scandinavian Marriage™.  Remember: Open to all races.  Happy Dating!

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