This ad circulated from an organization called Chicks In Crisis on Facebook last week and must have given all the IR couples that saw it something to think about. It was looking for an interracial (biracial black/white) family for biracial twin girls soon to be born. I definitely considered if there was anyway for my husband and I to respond but we didn’t qualify for many reasons one of which was the family had to already have been home study approved. The response appeared to be overwhelming as there are obviously many loving couples ready to provide a happy home for a baby. The good news is that there are four families being considered and I am sure any one of them would be great parents and trust that all will work out well.

The greater question for me was one of race consideration when interracial couples adopt. The mother of the twins obviously wanted an interracial union to raise her daughters. I see nothing wrong with that. I see nothing wrong with getting a child from Africa, China, Russia, or anywhere there is a child in need of parents and there is a loving couple ready to accept and love said child regardless of his or her race.

I saw a little black boy with cerebral palsy confined to a wheelchair on “Wednesday Child” who was in the foster care system. He had been neglected but you wouldn’t know it. His smile lit up the room and he was so sweet. I have a special needs child and know what kind of love and attention that he would need. I have a Native American colleague married to a Mexican man and they chose to adopt children from Korea. They had no problems getting the children at all. I have a black girlfriend planning to adopt biracial Russian children when she gets married soon. Due to recent scandals, Russia has placed restrictions on Americans adopting Russian orphans, but I think that the biracial children may still be available for adoptions.

At the end of the day, is it anyone’s business who adopts children from wherever they may come or what race they are? If an IR couple wants to adopt biracial children why can’t they? Should they have to justify their choices? No. White couples adopt biracial, Asian, Latino and black children as well as white children. They may get side eyes from other white people at times and even face racial discrimination but they don’t generally go around justifying why they chose a particular race of child. Many times it is who is available, timing that decides what baby or child will be placed where. I have friends who chose to adopt from Guatemala. I have friends who have adopted several races from public and private foster care systems including the especially hard to place special needs children. I have friends who have adopted Samoan children and of course those who have children from Africa and China. I met a woman at the mall from Egypt who had adopted a little girl from Kenya.

An interracially married couple may feel more comfortable adopting a biracial child (or children) and that is their business to do and their judgment should not be questioned. If they have love to give, why not?