Ami and Yuan Q, from South Carolina a beautiful couple.  When working in her business at Ami Creations, Ami can be found retouching, restoring or even digitally reimaging photos.  She is really in her element as a professional makeup artist/ hair stylist preparing makeup and hair for brides and bridesmaids, or even designing graphics for the wedding.  When Ami and hubby can relax at home, life these days is pretty low key.  Transplanted from New York and China respectively, they enjoy a quiet life in Oklahoma with their miniature dachshund.  Now in South Carolina, they’ve been living there comfortably for quite some time now; and being an interracial couple is not a key topic in their daily lives. Ami and Yuan are prime examples of how online dating can work and result in a successful marriage.  Ami and I had a discussion about her life and marriage. Ami’s website is