Although actor Tom Sizemore recently revealed that he is biracial as his mother is black.  He chose not to disclose it earlier possibly helping his career as an actor…. He now praises his mom and grandfather for finally becoming sober.  Maybe his secret internally contributed heavily to his continual drug and alcohol use, who knows?  But I say he can be or say whatever he wants to be.

If he chooses not to live as a black man, that is his choice he should not be forced to choose if he will be black or white or whatever.  He is entitled to be what he wants.  I only have a problem when biracial and multiracial people put down other black folks.  But if they chose not to live as black they should be free to do so without being hijacked by black folks because they buy into the that stupid and irrelevant “one drop” rule.  Doesn’t mean that he is not proud (or ashamed) of his heritage.  A person who has a Chinese grandparent is not forced to say he or she is Chinese.  They are just a white or black person with Chinese ancestry.  Why some black folks want to hijack bloodlines or force people with African ancestry to claim blackness whether they appear white, black or mixed race boggles my mind.


On the other hand if one wishes to be referred as or identifies with African-American or black as does Pres. Obama, then that is fine too.  People should free to be or claim what they want to be.  In Tom Sizmore’s case, for all we know his mother as a black woman understanding race in this country may have even encouraged him not to disclose it who knows?  Who cares?  Not to diminish or sweep this centuries old issue under the rug because it will always come down to light skin and dark skin or good hair and what not and should be addressed and discussed; but life is too short to be worried about how people want to classify themselves racially.  With Tom Sizemore’s interactions with law enforcement over the past years, the race debate may have been pretty low on his list of priorities.



Story from the LA Times.

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