As a life coach who coaches women on high standards in looking for quality men I was particularly intrigued to read this post about Tia Mowry and her husband Cory Hardrict.  Some women fall for anything and accept a man with no job, car, prospects nor potential for anything that remotely resembles being a good husband, father and provider.  I advise clients of which to steer clear of these types and run the other way.  They are disasters waiting to happen.  I coach women on how to carefully vet men and eventually they will know how to spot keepers.  In addition I recommend my clients read The Rules.

Speaking of rules…… there is an exception to every rule.  Cory Hardrict shares the story how he and Tia Mowry met and how she was able to look past his circumstances and see the person.  He was literally broke and standing at the bus stop when Tia and sister Tamera drove by and offered him a ride after they were all shooting a film that day.  After they got to know each other, Tia saw the potential in Cory and took a chance on love.  And it has worked out wonderfully as they are a beautiful family.  When you know you know!

One thing to remember is to always vet a man for quality.  You want to look for those outstanding characteristics that will make a good friend, husband, provider, father and all that good stuff that makes your man marriage material.