The Universe is ready for Ariana Miyamoto, Miss Japan.  In the world that is all things beauty pageants, women of African descent have been making quite the strides in the industry.  Outside of African countries, black women are surely making their marks.  Some 50 short years ago in the United States, a black woman would not have even gained entry to a national beauty competition as the rules did not allow it.  Today, we have seen numerous black women win Miss America and Miss USA .  Black or biracial beauty queens have also won in Central and South America (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil) Europe (France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, UK, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark) and now Asia.  

Japan now joins the growing group of countries who have selected black or biracial pageant queens to represent them.  I see a grand celebration of beauty, talent, and diversity.  Ariana Miyamoto won Miss Japan (Universe) 2015.  Controversy has exploded surrounding Ariana’s win because she is Hafu (half Japanese) but she won and will represent Japan in the Miss Universe competition.  I am thrilled! covered the story.

Change happens slowly in Japan, but it does happen. You wake up one day, and things that weren’t possible years ago are happening today. Nowhere is that more evident than in the woman who will represent Japan in the Miss Universe pageant—but that’s to the chagrin of some who wanted a more “Japanese” winner.

Eriana Miyamoto is the twenty-year-old selected to represent Japan in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant. As reported by Mainichi News, Miyamoto even expressed uneasiness as to whether or not it would be okay for a hafu [half-Japanese] like her to represent Japan.

When introducing herself to reporters after her selection, Miyamoto said that her mother is Japanese and her father is American. She added that she was born and raised in Nagasaki and that while she doesn’t “look Japanese” on the outside, on the inside, there are many Japanese things about her.

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Congrats to Ariana Miyamoto on winning Miss Japan and best to you at the Miss Universe competition.