All the posts I have seen of this mashup is praising it. I may be alone in this but I see this as very inappropriate for
children. I didn’t like the lyrics back when the song was a hit and I don’t like it now. Oh I love the music and the style, but I can’t agree with anyone who refers to women and skirts and tricks and hoes.
I won’t be a party to that and now they are using children’s’ or Sesame Street characters to bring about the song’s resurgence?  Nope. Not to mention the reference to killing and mounting up. Please. Inappropriate! Not for kiddos.
Watch for yourselves and make up your own mind.

To me, a far better tribute or at least sampling of Nate Dogg’s music is a later song called My Style by the Korean American Group Uptown with Carlos R. Galvan.
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