“I first began communicating with Lorraine after the breakup of yet another dead-end relationship that was not headed toward marriage and family. Although I was a woman who desired marriage and family, I struggled to understand how much of a role I had in charting my own destiny by choosing the right mate.

Lorraine helped me to identify the characteristics of a marriage-minded man and urged me to cut flimsy emotional ties to men who were mildly interested, but not marriage-minded. With a mix of concern, caring and tough love (and lots of funny anecdotes), Lorraine was very helpful in guiding me as I continued to date and vet various men. Six months after our first conversation, I went on a date with a man who appeared to have all of the characteristics I sought in a quality husband.

Lorraine gave me advice and tips when I entered into a relationship with him, and provided guidelines as to what I should expect from him if he was truly interested in marriage. I felt more confident about the future of our relationship as it progressed, as this man continually showed through his actions that he was interested in a committed relationship. A year after our first date, he proposed marriage and I am now a Black American Bride! I highly recommend Lorraine’s coaching to any woman looking to be married, as Lorraine will guide you through every step of the process.” –S.S.