Tanja & Chris Doky
I have to thank one of my sister friends (Brenda R. lived in Sydney with her Aussie hubby) for her love of royal watching and passing on this recent info to me that I just had to blog about and pass on to you.  Tanja Doky is in a coveted position.  Some may think it is a glorified maid, but A Lady in Waiting is a position of considerable wealth and prestige and she is the only bw doing it on that grand scale.  On top of that, she is a swirler with children who have the best that life can offer them.The Crown Princess Mary of Denmark as some of you may know was born and raised in Australia, hence my initial attraction to her story. But as she’s grown into her role as an admirable member of the Danish Royal Family, she has also been a bit of trail blazer not only in her various patronages and fashion, but also in her choice of a hofdame (lady-in-waiting).
CP Mary raised a few eyebrows in 2007 when she selected Tanja Kjaersgaard Doky as her hofdame.  Tanja is a biracial Dane who is married to a biracial Danish-Vietnamese jazz musician by the name of Chris Minh Doky who also happens to be close friends of the Danish heir to the throne, Crown Prince Fredrik.    Tanja Doky is a graceful, dignified woman who apparently shares not only a great working relationship with the Crown Princess, but a close friendship as well. Tanja, her husband Chris and their two children frequently join the CP couple and other high society close Danish friends on family outings and vacations.
CP Mary is the first member of European royalty or royalty period to appoint a woman of color to such a coveted position, which later in life always translates into a “title” being conferred upon the hofdame and her family.  It would be great if Duchess Kate of York, or even Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge followed suit and appointed a woman of color as one of her ladies in waiting, but I’m not exactly hopeful that this will ever happen but we have seen stranger things you know.  I am all for bw to seek out opportunities to uplift them and allow for living well.  I am all for securing their futures and that of any children born to their unions.  I love Royal Watching too and love the fact few sisters have married into some of Europe’s oldest dynasties.  I would love to see more!