Both Fawn Stone and Lakesha Yvette Walker were featured as singles on Interracial Marriage and Family, formerly Swirling and Marriage.  I have not been single for quite some time but as a dating and life coach understand that it is quite hard out there for women everywhere to find love.  Throw in beautiful, successful and accomplished black women, the odds rise even higher.  I had lunch with Fawn and Lakesha in the summer and am still blown over in amazement as to why these young, sexy, gorgeous women at their age and in their respective professions were still single.  I encouraged them, strategized and discussed a game plan for each.  That game plan included swirling for these smart, hot, gorgeous women.  Half the battle is won as they are very much open to interracial relationships.  Neither Fawn nor Lakesha have limited themselves to dating black men only, but are inclusive of love in whatever skin shade they find it.  That is a very good thing!