When I happened upon this article about people leaving over pet peeves in the UK Daily Mail, all I could do was chuckle.  Some of the peeves are hilarious.  Now I have my pet peeves, but to actually leave my husband because of them?  Or a man to leave his wife or girlfriend because of that?  Finding a life mate is hard enough as it is.  We really must mature to the point of appreciating those qualities that attracted us to our mates in the first place.  I hate to clean beard shavings out of the sink and my head explodes when I see a kitchen cabinet door left open or a lid not screwed on a jar or bottle tightly.  Add to this that the molecular structure of anything changes once my husband touches it — forever changed and sometimes broken beyond repair.  But at the end of the day I have a husband who loves and adores me.  I couldn’t even conceive of leaving him for such an infantile reason.