Meet Captain Nenh and Mrs. Ladi Trenh.  I came by their wedding video uploaded by Ladi’s cousin Miguel Asua of Asua Light LLC.  So, I set out on a search to find this couple.  Miguel was nice enough to put me in touch with this beautiful bride.  I contacted Ladi and she was so pleasant.  Of course she agreed to an interview.  What has to be noted is that Ladi is a natural beauty who wears little to no make up and is comfortable as she is.  Her husband Nenh is obviously very much in love with the beautiful woman Ladi is inside and out.  Ladi demonstrates that we can come as we are and attract, quality, marriage minded men who will love, honor, and protect us as well as provide for our families.  Ladi was so forthcoming in sharing her story and pictures of her beautiful little family.  She leads a simple, yet inspiring life as wife and mother.  Thanks Ladi!