I have always admired African women who do not seem to have an issue marrying interracially.  I have learned that African women sometimes get a bad reputation for any number of reasons and it seems unfair.  But that does not stop them from finding love across racial lines.  I also love to see when a white African man finds love with a black African woman like Namibian Sybre found his Charity from Botswana. Considering the fact that Apartheid was not so long ago in the entire region, their union speaks volumes.

Sybre shares his story: We met in Walvisbay, Namibia in June 2014. Charity was here for a holiday from Botswana with a friend. We met at a restaurant. Our wedding was on the 9th January this year.

Sybre and Charity

I just felt that there is something witch I like about her. I was also with a friend and i went to the table and ask them if we can join them and they agree on it. from the beginning there was just that mutual attraction from both of us. Walvisbay is a coastal town. we exchange numbers and the next day we went to the beach together.

Sybre and Charity 3

Sybre and Charity 4

Oh how romantic!  Congrats to this lovely couple!