Previously we’ve talked about the fact that Tibetan men are interested in black women, but have you ever considered the Singaporean man? If you’re interested in interracial relationships and wouldn’t mind considering a man that may contain a few quirks, I have just the type of man for you! Keep reading to hear all about my time in Singapore and how I’ve come to realise the potential in Singaporean men.

The Story

I’m Louise, due to the fact that I work as an events manager for Lovestruck I travel around a lot – one of the locations that I visit more than others is Singapore. During my time in Singapore I have met a variety of men, most of them Asian, most of them jewels; however due to the fact that I’m working whilst in Singapore the majority of these men tend to escape.

My Experiences

On the other hand, the men in Singapore that I have dated were always quite impressive and were keen to find their ideal woman and settle down. Here are a few interesting things that I cleaned during my fleeting romances…

I know I’m not the best catch out of all you lovely ladies but I work hard at my job and I always try to put in 100%, no matter what I’m doing – that’s why it was so interesting to meet a man who appreciated a working woman. It would seem that Singaporean men are significantly more likely to hold a conversation with a woman that they believe is interested in her career than in a woman who would rather sit at home and has no drive or motivation.

However, some of the men in Singapore can be a little opinionated! I dated one man that strongly believed in men being the bread winners. Although this particular gentleman didn’t like to spend his money, he was very generous and refused to let me pay for our dinner date – he wouldn’t even let me go Dutch! After a miniscule debate I decided to let it slide and we agreed that I could pay for the next dinner date if there was to be one.

Is the manly man more your thing? In this case a Singaporean man may be exactly what you need! I’ve found that some of the men that I have dated who were born and raised in Singapore have a slight superiority complex ; they don’t want you to earn more than they do, to be taller than they are or to be too independent or outgoing.

It’s easy to see these as negative points but when you think about it, doesn’t it just mean that they would rather provide for you? That these men want to be able to protect you and allow you to depend on them? Although a superiority complex isn’t everyone’s cup of Kan-Junga tea, some women like to be looked after by a man that earns more and is stronger, making you feel more secure.

So ladies, if that isn’t enough of a reason for you to take a look at the male population of Singapore, I don’t know what would be! Also, keep in mind that certain topics are taboo due to differences in culture; a top tip is to avoid speaking ill of anybody that you work with when dating a male of Singaporean origin!


Author: Louise Mitchell is an events manager for Lovestruck Singapore; when Louise isn’t travelling as part of her work she loves nothing more than to settle down with some chocolate and watch re-runs of her favorite shows.