Swirl Date and Marry has noticed that more black women are taking the chance at online dating.  Some give up, some hang in there and actually find their future husbands.  You can meet a mate almost anywhere like at the supermarket, library or bookstore, coffee shop, at a bar, or online.  Although online dating is just one of many ways to meet other singles, it is one of the easiest ways to get yourself out there.  There is still a stigma associated with online dating but that is fading fast due to the success of many couples who met online.  Most eventually marry and many even have families and are happy.

As a life and relationship coach, I have noticed a significant increase in recent years of black women willing to date out.  They are joining online dating sites in droves.  The vast majority of black women still prefer to be with black men and some will never date out.  But for those who want to explore the possibility of finding love across racial lines, online is one of the easiest ways to meet non black men. Other races of women seem to be more open and willing to date out so this is not as much an issue for them.


Interracial dating is not for the weak.  Because there will always be those who disagree citing a host of irrelevant reasons some of which may just be racism.  But for the determined man and woman who find true love, outsiders can keep their opinions to themselves.  Those who can not handle it have no business in an interracial marriage or relationship regardless of how you meet.


We at Interracial Marriage and Family are fans of online dating.  Sure, we have heard some true horror stories, but for the patient and persevering single, he or she can find a mate.  We have so many success stories that we just have to keep advocating online dating.  Learning how to vet people and identify scammers is absolutely vital. Because they are constantly looking for their next victim.  Be sharp, concise and to the point in your profiles.  Don’t waste one minute on anyone who gives you reason to pause.  If something is or does not sound quite right, trust your instincts and move on to the next.  Block and delete first though.  There are many testaments to these claims.


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