I see so many women living their lives alone. Not the I’m totally content kind of alone . It’s more like the I’ll just keep waiting for my Black King to come along alone. I’ve never understood this line of thinking. It’s OK to want to be with a man that you have things in common with. And let’s face it, we do understand each other’s struggles more than anyone else. I mean we know what it feels like to live in this skin of ours. We know how it feels to carry the weight of always wondering what people see when they look at us.

So we have those things in common. But is it really enough to justify being alone. Black men aren’t waiting for us. They are dating interracially more and more. Those same struggles that we think link us aren’t keeping them from finding happiness with non black women. It’s no secret that black women are loyal…sometimes to a fault. We’ve been taught to support our own no matter what. But don’t we deserve to be happy and fulfilled in love also.

Sometimes happiness is right in front of us, only we aren’t really opening our eyes or hearts to see and accept it. If being alone is what you truly desire , then be alone and be so proudly. After all there is no shame in being alone. In some cases it’s the very best thing we can do for ourselves. But if you are alone simply because you haven’t found the right black man , then maybe alone is a rut ; one that you’ve created . One that can easily be removed. Finding love with a non black man has never been easier to do. There are literally thousands of reputable sites to join. More and more non black men are actively seeking black women to date and marry. We all dream of finding our Prince. There’s no rule saying he has to be Black. In fact we close ourselves up to true love when we specify the how ,what, when/ where and color our better half comes in.
There’s a big difference in being alone and being lonely.
But if the only reason you are alone is because you’re hoping and praying that a black man rescues you , then you might be waiting a very long time. Happiness awaits you , it’s yours for the taking. You deserve it. You’ve earned it. Close your eyes and open your heart ….love awaits.