Scandinavia – Find Your Love In The Faroe Islands is quite the challenge these days.  Are you up for a visit to the Faroe Islands? I may be. . I was interviewed by Anna Poulsen of KVF, Faroese media two weeks ago. I should have the link but the interview is in Faroese so I doubt most would understand anyway.  I am trying for a project later this year in Iceland and the Faroe Islands. I would like to take a few ladies who have expressed interest in finding love in the Faroes for a visit to see what we can see (and who we can see)

Flag of the Faroe Islands

For a few years now, there have been Thai and Filipino women going to take advantage of the child-bearing aged woman shortage in the Faroe Islands.  In March 2016, I conducted an informal poll of African and black American women who may want to live or seek a husband there. The response was immediate and overwhelming.

SMS Mall

My friend Rita Asare, who is very strong in the church, lives there and just became engaged (Congrats girl! ). My other friend Sharon Brown lives in the Faroes with her absolutely. stunningly beautiful family. The Faroes are not for the weak. Though very beautiful, the weather can be brutal in the winter and one needs to consider if she can handle the isolation as well. In the larger cities like the capital Tórshavn, there seems to be all the modern conveniences most of us are used to having. You can take your culture with you as even in Eastern Europe, I have found African and Latino celebrations. There are also nice African communities in Iceland as we know I have many friends there married and living happily with their families.

Tórshavn Shopping

Hotel Tórshavn

Hotel Tórshavn

The Faroes are about halfway between Iceland and Norway and to the Southeast are close to Scotland as well. The Faroes are also a Danish protectorate so you could learn Danish as well I guess. Faroese is hard! But if you are going to live there, you will most likely learn and even become fluent in time.


Any single woman of any race is welcomed to contact me if you have questions. In the meantime, do your research regarding tourist visas and requirements. United States citizens do not need a tourist visa for up to a 90 day stay, but again, do your research.  For others who need them, visas have to be obtained through Denmark. Find out about visiting, residence, career and work opportunities and how to apply via information found online from The Government of The Faroe Islands



Lake Sørvágsvatn

Norðoyggjar Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands

This is my first post on love in The Faroe Islands. from my blog here at Interracial Marriage and Family that Anna Poulsen read along with a few other posts about interracial love in Scandinavia.


You can feel free to sign up for Black Women Scandinavia Marriage as well. I am the brand ambassador for that  interracial dating site and it is open to all races and is accessible in most countries except for China and Vietnam.

Black Women Scandinavian Marriage

Good luck ladies and remember to always vet your potential mates very well!.




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