Interracial Marriage and Family is profiling large families with (six or more children).  Surprisingly, there are quite a few of them.  Our third family in the series is the Torres family.  Salvador Torres was born in Mexico.  His wife Drina is African-American.  Drina Torres shares her story.  Drina and Salvador met in school and hit it off.  His family had moved to Los Angeles when he very young.  English was his second language.  After they started communicating out of love (because his English was still limited) they became middle school sweet hearts. One day, Salvador and his family abruptly moved back to Mexico.  They lost contact as Drina simply could not reach Salvador.  It was a sad time for her.  She was heartbroken but life moved on for Drina.

Drina Torres 5

Drina Torres 10

Drina had decided to relocate to a new town and live her life.  Little did she know that Salvador had returned and came looking for her.  He was on a mission.  Salvador asked around to everyone — including his old friends and Drina’s family. When Salvador finally located Drina, he saw that she was moving.  Though he was disappointed, he helped Drina pack her things.  But they devised a plan.

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Drina Torres 3

Salvador and Drina knew that they wanted to be together.  In a few years.  Drina and Salvador would eventually moved in together, and raised their second child. Fast forward 20 years and you will find Salvador and Drina happily married with five more children.  Yes, that means seven kids!

Drina Torres 7

Drina offers a few words of wisdom and her desire for the world.  I wish that my family can inspire other international couples and young marriages.  It is possible to marry someone from a different walk of life. culture, race and have a healthy, happy marriage and children.

Drina Torres 2

I love meeting people with such bubbly personalities like Drina.  She likes to laugh and have fun but knows when it is time to work.  Motherhood looks good on Drina.  In addition, Drina is a successful business woman. She is ambitious building an empire having created her own hair and accessory line called Infinite Hair Designs.  What better way to build your brand than to model your own products?  Drina uses beautiful models but she herself is a perfect choice to model some of her fabulous styles and creations.

Drina Torres 9

Drina promotes her brand tremendously.  With her business acumen and drive for success, Drina’s legacy is secure. The talented lady is a woman on a mission.  Twenty years of marriage and seven children not withstanding, Drina is hawt!   Follow Drina on Instagram  @infinitehairdesigns.  Contact her for orders and style consultations.

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Wishing the beautiful Torres family all the best and continued blessings.  Stay tuned for Drina’s interview on The Swirl World!