Marvina shares her story: It was love a first sight. My husband Ryan asked me to marry him on the third date. We have two beautiful children and one more on the way. I prayed long and hard for God to send me my king and he did! Prayer changes things and God made each of us perfect and God does not make mistakes!
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Ryan is a loving father, an outstanding husband, a kind man who sees beauty in me, when I am on my third round of Chemo and have Pneumonia, even now when I am no longer young and beautiful he treats me like a princess. My loving husband has followed me to the ends of the Earth to build orphanages for loving, deserving children.  He has saved my life seven times. Ryan is my heart, my soul, my everything. Simply put Ryan is the living breathing definition of love.
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One could say, our love for children brought us together! Ryan was a teacher at the charter school my exchange students attended. I saw him in late 2007, but was going through a divorce, so didn’t put much stock into it. It is not common to see men taller than me, especially in the Valley of the Sun! I am 6’4 and Ryan is nearly 6’7.
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In March 2009, a friend put my picture and profile on a dating site, because he thought I need to start dating again. It really was time for me to move on so I did not protest. Ryan replied to the ad and I recognized him, but I could not place from where we met. He ended up being the only man I went out with because I did not trust online dating.  I truly considered online dating was insane and dangerous but decided to give it a try.  Ryan and I met, we talked for hours and something just sparked. We went on a date three days straight, spending twelve hours a day together just sitting and walking in the park.  At the end of the third date Ryan got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I was shocked, but it just felt right, I said, “Yes” with a stipulation — not until we dated at least six months.
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Ryan calculated the number of dates a couple would go on over six months and then we went out every day for a month.  At that point it was December 19, 2009 and the wedding plans began in picturesque Fountain Hills, Arizona, I became the happiest woman in the world. Seven years, four countries, and seven near death experiences, and two perfect daughters (Jaidyn and Sofia) later; we are still violently happy and so in love.  I have a hard time waking up every morning and believing it’s true. I live a fairy-tale.
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We at IMF wish this lovely family decades of happiness and the absolute best with the new baby!
The Cases are doing wonderful work building orphanages for some of the world’s most loving yet children in need.  Please visit their charity Steps of Love Orphanage Outreach and learn how easy it really is to lend your support.