All around the country, store are displaying the beautiful prom dresses in anticipation of the big night. Makeovers, shopping for that perfect dress, nails, hair, shoes, limo, after party and rules. It is a lot to cram in one date, but rules should be discussed with anyone who has a daughter, niece, sister about self-respect and expectations. Someone should also be talking to young men about decorum, expectations and how to treat a young lady. Having said that, I know what goes on at proms and school dances in general. I am glad to see some dress codes enforced at some schools and codes of conduct clearly stated. Most kids do actually have a good time. When and if my daughter goes to the prom, I plan to be a chaperone!

On another note, there is enough to worry about on prom night without having to think about a segregated prom. These young women can teach the adults a few things.

Photo Credit: Pinterest, Internet