I am a very loving, caring, loyal, faithful, considerate & understanding woman with a compassionate heart. I’ve always been a person that follows my own heart because I truly believe that every individual has their own purpose in life.  I am a very well rounded, educated, smart, & beautiful woman with many ambitions as well as aspirations in life. I love reading & learning new things. Anything from the mythology of the Greek god Dionysus down to the simple Holistic teachings of the Dalai Lama. I also enjoy reading and writing poetry. Its been a hobby of mine since I was a little girl. I consider myself to be a very spiritual & loving person that understands, respect, & constantly continues to be accepting of my fellow man.

I also enjoy traveling and exploring new places and things. There’s just something so exciting about experiencing and exploring the unexplored. That includes anything from new places, art, music, food, people and different cultures, you name it, I love exploring it. I also enjoy working out 3 to 4 times a week and I am a practicing vegetarian. I am a true romantic by heart. I love long walks & picnics in the park followed by a great conversation.

My Future Husband……
The man I seek is & will indeed be unique for me. (Beautiful & Handsome in his own way).. Ages 32-45.. My future husband is Loving, supportive, understanding, loyal, compassionate, intelligent and a family oriented man. He loves being a husband & father. He loves & accepts me exactly how I was designed. That’s spiritually, mentally as well as physically. He knows how to give Love as well as receiving it. He’s strong for me when I’m at a state of weakness yet still being gentle enough to console me. He’s funny, silly and a little wacky at times whilst still being able to be sincere when needed. My future husband is Amazing! He’s my lover, my fighter, my protector, my support, my best friend, my heart & soul. Most importantly he is My Husband….Waiting For You.