Let’s face it, many of us never consider obtaining and education abroad.  Some of us just never think about it.  If you have never been exposed to the possibility it is no wonder that you may never know that there is a world of options available to you.  But for those some the cost could be a deterrent to those who do know about universities overseas.  I found a Facebook Fafsa International Universities page that doesn’t update much but has good information.

They publish The Degree Abroad Guide and The Summer Education guide which both aim to match California students with great universities.  These guides are just one of many.  I recommend looking for study aboard programs by doing online search engines and checking with your local university or college.  As well, you can look directly overseas as many of those universities don’t charge tuition.  You have to prove that you can support yourself usually, but there are some real advantages to obtaining an education overseas.  We wrote about a list of tuition free universities overseas a while back but you must always do your research as some non EU students have to now pay nominal fees although you may find a wonderful online program that may be free.

If you want to go through your local university or another program by which you can use your student loans or other US funds check out The Degree Abroad Guide to see if you can find a good program for you, or get your wheels spinning as to what kind of program you may need or want.  Here is a list of overseas universities where the FAFSA is accepted for those qualifying for and using US student loans. Remember to do your research and uhm the loans will have to be repaid.  Living abroad can be fun and fantastic, but there are cultural customs and all kinds of information you must arm yourself with for the best possible experience.  Good luck!

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The Degree Abroad Guide

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The Summer Education


International Schools Eligible for US Financial Aid