On The Rise is a one-hour reality series that will be depicted in a casual setting. It centers on the rather undiscovered lives of three phenomenal women. The show chronicles the lives of three friends – Misee, Fawn and Lakesha – and the challenges they face as they balance successful careers and living the single life. While a production crew follows their everyday activities, the three women show the audience that you can be professionally driven without losing your true self.

For Florida native, Lakesha Yvette Walker, (#Unscripted) this is a perfect opportunity to showcase her talents. She is a screenwriter from Graceville, Florida. Raised in a military family that traveled and lived on several military bases around the world, Lakesha also counts Germany, Louisiana and Monterey, California as part of her upbringing.

Gorgeous and born with comedic talent, Lakesha stands on middle ground between the “Wild Child” and the “Diva.” As a comedy writer, she loves to laugh and have fun. However, she also provides balance to the trio and is sometimes their only voice of reason. Her work may be scripted but her life sure isn’t. Lakesha created The Candid Confessional, a monthly performance event where actors, comics, directors, musicians, poets, writers, and anyone else who is brave enough to step inside and confess.

Lakesha is an avid dancer, fitness fanatic, blogger, and runs her own production company, La Fille de Cacao Entertainment. She is tenacious and has mega drive for success. Mostly, this lady rolls with the punches.

On the RiseAbout the Creator and Producer: BJ Rouse

One The Rise is down-to-earth, inspirational, and fun. The foundation of the show is anchored on the three friends’ dual lives. rouse houseEach episode tracks each of them either hustling for their careers and/or playing equally hard, just for fun. We may find Misee and her sidekick and dental assistant, Bianca, up all night trying to meet a deadline for delivering her custom mouth-guards, Lakesha locked in her cave working on a script or Fawn working with her acting coach or auditioning for the next role. On the flip side, we may find the ladies hanging out at the beach, in the club, working out, celebrity & red carpet events or at home relaxing with family and friends.

Independent filmmaker, BJ Rouse, created the show. She is who is a former recipient of the Kodak and the Panavision New Filmmakers Grant as well as the prestigious Guy Hanks and Marvin Miller Screenwriting Program a.k.a. the Cosby Program sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Bill Cosby at the University of Southern California. Besides producing On The Rise, Rouse’s production company, Rouse House Entertainment, is currently producing the feature documentary film, More Than Skin Deep and has a slate full of projects and musical artists that will launch in 2014.

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