by Angela Tucker, blogger, speaker, educator and creator of the The Adopted

My husband is great for so many reasons. But tonight, it’s because his hands are in my fro! It feels like the good ‘ol days when I’d spend hours in front of the television as my sister would braid extensions into my hair. Oh, the nostalgia!

From the days in college when I chemically straightened my hair to wearing wigs and weaves, extensions and then back to its natural state – Bryan has been understanding of the whys behind the progression and has told me that my hair looks beautiful throughout. He acknowledges my continual struggle  of desiring Caucasian-like hair as it flows in the wind, and can be brushed and curling ironed. He’s fine with our bathroom cupboards being filled with hair oils and hair butter and never complains about my nighttime satin cap and satin pillowcase needs. Though the Herbal Essences advertisements make me wonder – if I was able to use that kind of shampoo, would I miraculously end up in a field of roses where life is perpetual bliss?  Read the rest of the story.