LAS VEGAS. NV–A mother is heartbroken after she claims bullying drove her 14-year-old daughter to take her own life.

“All of our lives are going to be missing one key factor, and that’s Carla,” said Carla’s mother, Natika Bird.

Natika Bird can’t bare to think what her life will be like without her teenage daughter, Carla. She says she was the type of girl who was reserved at times, but mostly happy and bubbly.

bully case

“Very laid-back, but not afraid to be goofy, and that’s what I loved about her.”

Sadly, Natika says her 8th grader’s goofy and outgoing personality led her classmates to pick on her. Carla was a student at  Canarelli Middle School.

“She had been getting bullied for a long time, to the point where the happy, bubbly girl that I knew changed,” she explained.

According to Natika, the bullying wasn’t just happening at school.

“They hacked into her email and they created a Facebook account and they massacred her,” said Natika.

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Natika says she called the school police.

“The school police told me because it was not on school campus and after hours, I need to call the regular police. The regular police told me, ‘You need to call the school police.'”

According to her mother, Carla just couldn’t handle it anymore. On Friday, Carla hanged herself. She was 14 years old. Natika is  sending a message to parents, who know if their child is bullied: Contact every school administrator there is. “You go as hard as you can, and at the same time, let your kid know that this is not their fault.”  Read the rest of the story

Personal Note:

When they start making the bullies pay, I mean really pay regardless of their age, then we may see less and less of these tragic stories.  I am so sorry for Carla’s family and the mental anguish she must have suffered to make her feel there was nothing else she could do. Prayers going up on your behalf.