We are so pleased to hear that IMF friend Millie H.met her husband online.  They had actually met before, lost contact and reconnected.  Once they realized they had met before, they were dating and started a relationship. Over about a year and a half, Millie and her hubby became a couple, engaged and the rest is history as they say.  Millie is a Jamaican native and where else could she marry the love of her life but on the tropical island paradise? Millie gives hope and inspiration to women in their 50’s who have never been married or who are looking to marry again.  It was a first time for Millie and she could not be happier.  She met her love when she was supposed to meet him and it worked out great.  So don’t give up ladies, get out there.  Date often and think outside of the box.

Congratulations to lovely, lovely couple!  Enjoy a few photos of the beautiful bride and her groom on their wedding day.