Mia shares:  This is my husband is KJ. We met online New Year’s Day 2013. We became engaged New Years Day 2015 and recently married on July 12, 2015.  We are so thankful to have found and met each other, court, fall in love and marry. It has been a wonderful journey!

I dealt with a lot of nonsense before we met, yes I did!  I actually did give up but KJ swooped in just in time and actually quite unexpected. I tried to friend zone him as we were penpals starting out because of the distance between us.  But one day he dropped everything and came to me to build a loving relationship.  He let me know how serious he was.  It was kind of crazy when I really think about it.

What a testament to online dating.  It may not be for everyone, and it may not be so easy.  Some find their loves on the first try out, others may take a while.  One may have to become a gardener – to weed through the crazies.  But seriously, online dating requires time, commitment and effort but it works for most who stick it out!

Enjoy these beautiful pics of Mia and KJ!

Sujmil and Kirby 2

Sujmil and Kirby

Sujmil and Kirby 4

Sujmil and Kirby 5

Sujmil and Kirby 6

Sujmil and Kirby 7

Sujmil and Kirby 9

Sujmil and Kirby 8