Marriage is a huge commitment  and can be very scary.

It can feel like you are about to make a risky jump into the abyss. Hence, for some, Cohabitation seems to be the easier and yet safer choice; is it?

Various researches have found that marriage has a huge health benefits to it versus cohabitation . It has been reasoned that perhaps the partners feel somewhat secure which eases a lot more mental strain.

Here are some arguments for marriage:

1. It generally implies a deeper level of commitment for all parties involved which leads to a greater stability.

2. It offers a couple the catalyst when facing a crisis because of the knowledge that marriage is forever.

3. Separation is only considered in exceptional circumstances.

4. Socially (friends, co-workers, relatives etc.) usually have a higher expectation interms of the stability of the married couple. hence the usual surprise when it is announced that a married couple has separated.

5. It is free of social stigma

6. It is easier for the law to provide for any children and spouses in terms of custody and financial support.

Here are some arguments for cohabitation:

1. It is an easier avenue for couple to separate easily.

2. You are better able to assess your partners partners living lifestyle (is he messy, neat freak, etc).

3. Living together will lead to a stronger marriage.

4. Sex life decreases once you get married

5. Marriage is just a piece of paper.

Whether you decide to marry or cohabit is still dependent on your preference. Both options should be seriously discussed so that both parties are on the same page of expectations. If your ultimate goal is to have a healthy, stable and fulfilling relationship, then one should work on the following:

  • Giving Time – This gives you the chance to have a feel about each other and how unexpected situations are dealt with. If this can be  tackled and the love is still in place, then there is a great chance of the longevity of the relationship.
  • Premarital counselling – Some people think this is only for those who intend to get married,but it is actually a good way of finding out things that both of you have never thought that would negatively affect the relationship. The great part is that it is with a professional that will aid you in developing better communication, conflict resolutions skills that can significantly improve the quality of the relationship. Note, that couples have separated after going through this process when it was determined that they were just not compatible to each other.
  • Communication – When all is said and done if this area is of a very poor quality, it will eventually lead to the demise of the relationship. As previously stated, premarital counselling usually gives you examples and ways in which to improve communication within a relationship.

What is your relationship preference? Why?