I am all for the short courtships.  When two people are on the same page and committed to making their marriage work, it usually does.  As in the marriage of Mark and Charmaine Davis.  What a wonderfully romantic story of love and family.

Charmaine 1

Charmaine shares: This is my husband Mark and our family.  We met at the YMCA where I worked as a receptionist during my summer break from college in 1992. Mark was a newly hired sports editor for the local paper. I was coming back from my lunch break eating an ice cream cone when he asked me if I needed any help with it. I was mean to him and said, “I don’t think so!” He was still man enough to come over and talk to me. Two weeks later he asked me out–looked up my number in the phone book, lol! Four weeks later we got married. Today marks our 23rd wedding anniversary! We have 7 children and a daughter-in-law!    My book, Sweetened by Love is loosely based on our whirlwind courtship.

Charmaine 2

What a beautiful family!!! Again when you know, you know. No need for a long and drawn out courtship. 23 years for a 4 week courtship. Not bad at all, in fact it is fabulous!

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Charmaine T. Davis is an established author who writes in a variety of genres, including family comedy, middle-grade, romance, fantasy/suspense and Christian living. Her greatest pleasure is writing thought-provoking stories that entertain, captivate and uplift.  To view and purchase, visit her blog Charmaine T. Davis.