Luc & Marie

How to Plan a Wedding for a Bride and Groom with 400 Children

Excerpted From The Huffington Post by Marie Da Silva

Not everyone who gets married spends her time dreaming of just the right dress or where her honeymoon will be. My fiancé, Luc Deschamps and I, will be right here in Malawi, Africa, surrounded by family and friends who will come from around the world to celebrate with us when we get married. And most importantly, we will be with our 400 beautiful children from our school, “The Jacaranda School,”  for children living with and orphaned by AIDS.

Luc first came to Malawi as a journalist. He immediately understood my passion in helping the children who have lost their families in my village. He knew I had lost most of my own family. From the day he decided to move here, wonders have happened at the school. As our love has grown, so has the Foundation. A school, a physics and science lab, a library, running water and our first college graduates are starting University.  Continue reading