This little gem was found on Facebook from the page belonging to Jessica Carter of Alabama.  She works at Aldi , a discount grocery store chain, and shares stories of the Day’s events at the store.  I am happily sharing such a touching scene which is especially because it is the South. It is too cute!Everyday I have a story at Aldi. So today this elderly black lady came in and while shopping she lost her husband. She came up to me and said, “Ma’am have you seen my husband?” I said, “No Ma’am but I can help you look for him.”  She said, “Well he went to the bathroom and I haven’t seen him since.” So we are walking around the store looking for him and she said, “There he is.”  I’m looking around for an elderly black man and I was all the way off. When she said that’s my husband right there, I just smiled from ear to ear. Love has no color or gender. Love is love.