Readers of BWDB, Beyond Black and White, Interracial Marriage and family have been treated to interviews of Lissette Gonzalez and her fabulous family.  (See Color Blind & Valentines ). We were absolutely delighted in Lissette’s love for her husband Ali and children Kiara and Ulysses.

If any were wondering how she keeps that love flowing and fresh after reading that interview you don’t have to wonder any longer. While building her entertainment empire at Lissette  and managing Kiara’s career the ever creative Lisy (or Lady Elle) is always coming up with ways to engage her family in her playful antics. Seems like they have all caught the Lisy Bug. Lissette keeps it real and keeps it happy. Christelyn has also gotten in on this spontaneous fun. In this world full of serious issues of which we chime in on and have our various opinions, sometimes we just need to let our hair down and have fun!

Enjoy this video of the “Happy” Gonzalez Family just simply having a blast!

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