Nicole Sessions
Meet Nicole Sessions!   She is an up and coming actress whose story “Legend of the Black Lotus” was adapted and is in preproduction.   Seems like a fantastic fantasy/martial arts/love story!
When a Chinese empress has a vision that she will give birth to a great warrior who will right the wrongs of the emperor she is shocked when she gives birth to a GIRL who is BLACK!  The emperor condemns the child to slavery with a mandate that she must always cover her skin, but the empress secretly trains the child hoping that one day the prophesy of her daughter’s destiny will come true. However, when the daughter grows up and falls in love with the son of the emperor’s sworn enemy, everyone is forced to choose between love and destiny. Who will win the daughter’s love: the father who never acknowledged her, the mother whose unconditional love nurtured her, or the rebellious young prince who has stolen her heart? (Angelo Bell imdb)
Check out and “like” the poster on the Facebook fan page.  Director Angelo Bell was able to secure financing and the film is in the works.  I will fully support this effort.