Gorgeous and born with comedic talent, Lakesha, 29 stands on middle ground between the “Wild Child” and the “Diva.” As a comedy writer, she loves to laugh and have fun. However, she also provides balance to the trio and is sometimes their only voice of reason. Her work may be scripted but her life sure isn’t.

Lakesha created The Candid Confessional, a monthly performance event where actors, comics, directors, musicians, poets, writers, and anyone else who is brave enough to step inside and confess.  Lakesha is an avid dancer, fitness fanatic, blogger, and runs her own production company, La Fille de Cacao Entertainment. She is tenacious and has mega drive for success. Mostly, this lady rolls with the punches.  Hollywood better watch out!

LaKeisha 2

My life is busy but I keep it light, so I love a man who embraces fun and independence, as well as one who is kind, open, loving, smart, patient, attentive and willing to support my goals, because I in turn will support his.  I’m also a very kind and open person, so I love to throw parties, plan events, travel, explore new restaurants , diversify my taste in culture and food, embrace health and fitness on all levels.

My husband will embrace that part of me and I in turn will love and support all he does as well, whether it’s business, social or goals that build for the overall good of our family.

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