“What Kind of Music Did You Play at Your Wedding?” asked a friend  recently in one of my Facebook groups.  I had not thought much about it in nineteen years but it was indeed refreshing to think about it.  We had Youtube in 1995 so it was serendipitous to find all the tunes online.

I did not play the traditional Bridal March. I mixed Jim Brickman’s “Angel Eyes” and “If You Believe” and that combination became my wedding march.  It was quite nice and totally my idea.  A nice couple from church sang two songs: “Sunrise Sunset” from “Fiddler on the Roof” and “I Swear” by All for One but changed the words from “I Swear” to “I Will”.  A friend of my sister’s sang “If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful” by Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson. We were able to somehow find the instrumental accompaniment to all of the songs I wanted and it worked out beautifully if I must say so myself.  Enjoy my selections.

Angel Eyes


If You Believe

Sunrise Sunset

I Swear (I Will)


If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful