I was just thinking of one of my Japanese girlfriends and this wedding announcement from the New York Times came to mind.  The Japanese and Koreans have a long history of bad blood.  This in part due to harsh rule during Japanese occupation of Korea, comfort women, racism, mistrust and hatred to name a few.  This love story just goes to show that some can still find love and happiness in spite of the bitterness between the nationalities/races.

Jason Choy didn’t hesitate to go after this woman once he was sure of his choice.  You better believe she vetted him like crazy as to some cultures it is not a second thought that their husbands will be upwardly mobile and of the most high quality and standards.  Japanese women don’t tend to marry down although some may think Junko Ozao did in this case.  I would beg to differ.  My main point was that there can be racial harmony even with a past rooted in pain and where some of those attitudes still persists today.  This couple is more American, but they are both first generation so they probably still respect their elders and live up to certain expectations.

Nice, romantic story that also goes to prove that you have to be open minded enough to give it until a 2nd or 3rd date before calling it quits.  These two met 3 times before they became serious.  I sent this out a while back when it first appeared in the New York Times.  I was not as much into reading the blogs then but became more interested shortly thereafter.  I do know that I sent this to about 8 of my Japanese and Korean girlfriends.  They ALL thought it was neat and were pleased to see this union.  I wonder who could learn from this example?  Hummmmmmh,  Need to think on that one.