Freda shares her story:  Jeremy and I were together for 4 years before marrying in July 2015.  We lot friends and some family members due to our decision to be together.  Our older son’s name is Jaden, as you can see we were expecting but now have another little baby boy.  Jeremy and I met through mutual friends. From the first day Jeremy and I met, we felt the connection.

Freda 2

Jeremy was drawn to me even though he’s never dated a black girl before. I am originally from Nigeria. I moved to the United States 6 years ago and joined the US Army.  We were only able to get married this last July 15, 2015 with no member of his family in attendance.

Freda 3

Jeremy is my rock. He lost the support and friendship of all his friends, his only sister and mother due to his decision to remain in a relationship with me.  We are happy with each other and that’s what love should be about.

Freda 6

Freda 5 I would like to encourage everyone interracial couple going through similar situation to let Love lead them and not live life trying to please people around them.  Thank you for the opportunity to share a little of our story.

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We wish Freda, Jeremy and those adorable boys a lifetime of happiness!