On January 4, 2016 over 93,000 Interracial Marriage and Family prayer warriors came together to support this lovely couple. Shortly after getting married, Jan was diagnosed with cancer. She beat it, but it returned. We are asking that you continue in prayer for them but also consider supporting Jan on her road to remission. Support Jan and Tom here via Go Fund Me.

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This beautiful couple, Janice and Tom got the highest number of likes for any couple ever profiled as newly weds here on Interracial Marriage and Family (Facebook Community Page). Shortly after marrying the love of her life, Jan was diagnosed with cancer. Prayer warriors from Interracial Marriage and Family came out in force and sent up prayers for Jan. Prayers were answered for this beautiful newlywed couple. Jan completed her last chemotherapy and sent cancer packing and on its way. Healthier and stronger Janice was strong enough to graduate with her masters degree and they could really be newly weds!

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Sadly, only a few months later cancer returned to Jan and Tom. But Jan is so positive and such a fighter. They together are giving cancer a run for its money. Jan and Tom made it through Christmas and New Years and hope to make it through a lot more. Please keep Janice and Tom in prayer. This is a lot for a couple at any point in marriage, let alone a newly married one. ‪#‎Godanswersprayer‬ ‪#‎prayerchangesthings‬ ‪#‎killcancer‬,‪#‎beatcancer‬

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Don’t forget to support Janice’s Road to Remission!


As of March 29, 2016, Thanks to God, Janice’s family, friends and well wishers from around the globe including over 92,000 Interracial Marriage and Family prayer warriors! Jan is cancer free! #sentcancerpacking

janice is cancer free