I don’t remember the last time I saw my natural hair in its full glory.From since I was a kid, my mom would coat my hair strands with chemicals to achieve a straight, foreign to my race look. Over the years, I constantly tossed around the idea of going natural. However, it’s hard to decide such a thing when no one in your immediate family supports your decision. My mom would constantly tell me to relax my hair. I remember she would say that if I wanted to wear weaves which I did constantly, I should make sure my African blended in with the European.

The decision  to “go natural” occurred November 25th, 2013.  I had just finished relaxing my hair for the last time I thought, and began to transition. Transitioning was the most difficult period in my natural hair journey. Fortunately, I have a supportive boyfriend (who is Israeli/German), who embraced me for who I am despite the change in the texture of my hair. I did my first big chop February 2nd, 2014. I would rock my new cut while relaxing in my dorm; my boyfriend would ask me about my new do. I explained to him, why I went natural, which is to allow my true self to shine through, and ever since then he has continuously supported me and showered me with love through my natural hair journey. It is so important to have an accepting and loving mate. Sometimes the people you would expect to be accepting of your natural hair end up being ones that are quick to talk you out of embracing your natural beauty. Love someone who loves you for you.

Teria Angela

Photo Credit: Short-Haircut.com