I am a woman who loves to make people laugh which gives me joy.  Someday I may even become a famous comedienne.  Although I am a little Tom-boyish, I am still very much a woman.  I’m a very passionate person.  I am passionate about life.  I’m passionate about my children, my grandchild and my students.  (My students are special needs and I gladly make sure they have what they need).  I am also passionate about my friends.  I am sensitive but will confront bullies and those who mistreat others.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. I read just about every night.  I am a homebody but appreciate going out at times.  I don’t care much for shopping like my two fashionista daughters.  But I am a fantastic cook  Although I am not a cold weather person, I don’t care for the beach either. But I absolutely love heat.  A nice balance of weather is great.

Priscilla 2

My future husband……

I want a Christian man who is articulate, clean-cut and shaven, well-rounded, out-going, kind and funny.  He has to be a praying, practicing Christian. I prefer black men, but I am open to all races.  He is at least  5’10”, preferably bald, but, short hair is fine too.  I desire a younger man but no more than 15 years younger.  He will be no more than ten pounds overweight.  More importantly, My future husband must have the ability to make me laugh.  I am not too picky except that I MUST be physically attracted to him. That does not mean he has to be the Next Top Model, or a celebrity look-alike, only attractive to me.

As far as distance is concerned, unless you are flying in to see me or flying me to see you, I don’t see more than a couple of hours driving distance away from where I live.  I look forward to meeting you soon so you can learn more about me and I can learn more about you!