We won’t go so far as to say it will happen to everyone, but we WILL say that you’re bound to find more than you bargain for – and we mean that in a good way – when you venture out past your own front door.

South Carolina native Paula Cooper Trajkovski (TRY-KOV-SKI)  decided to step out past her front door (the United States) to broaden her horizons.



Busily employed and working on a Master’s Degree, Paula wasn’t expecting to find love – especially not INTERRACIAL love. Instead, she found it all: work, love and fulfillment – in Macedonia!

She met her husband Bojan Trajkovski  (BOY-YUN TRY-KOV-SKI) in 2009 while working as a contractor in Baghdad Iraq.

Bojan is Macedonian (you’re gonna LOVE his accent!).   Listen to the fantastic interview and see the rest of the Trajkovski’s gorgeous pics on The Swirl World