I have been raised in a very open-minded family. My mother, has always been exceptional. Even during the 60’s when the Civil Rights fight was raging, many kids of color would not help the Caucasian kids learn about their culture. Our school was now integrated school and the questions and interest was sincere. My mom, took a stand and bridged the gap.
When asked she simply replied: “How else are they supposed to learn?” We have often been considered the “weird” ones in my family, simply because we don’t hang on to stereotypical patterns, calling it our culture. I’m a U. S. Citizen — period.

My interests have always been diverse. I proudly held the title of “The Black New-Waver” while in high school during the 80’s. I have always been more attracted to Caucasian men, but still kept my options open. My journey was long and at many times painful, but it led me to a man I love and I who know loves me. Our delightful 7 year-old is further testimony to how love can see no color, if you stop making it an issue.