How to Land (And Keep) A Man

When it comes to stereotypes, women were always made to play the role of the damsel in distress, and were always told to wait for the right man to come and sweep her off her feet. Today, however, things are slowly changing and it has become accessible to proactively search for someone. Here are some things you can try to finally meet and land that man, without acting like a psycho-stalker.

marriage proposal, man give ring to his girl, young happy couple romantic date at restaurant, celebrating valentine day

marriage proposal, man give ring to his girl, young happy couple romantic date at restaurant, celebrating valentine day

Define who you really want

Some women are in the dating scene for one purpose: just for the sake of it. Some would even in fact say, any man will do! That’s the first mistake you can make. If you are not sure about the kind of man you really want, then do not go for anything. Take time for introspection, and then come back to this article once you have decided already.

Get out of the house

The guy of your dreams is not going to come knocking on your door – unless you really like the pizza delivery guy. You have to do your part by getting out of the house and making it a point to meet as many other people as possible. The more you meet, the more chances you have of finding someone for you.  Where to go? Check out target rich environments like festivals, art galleries, social events, coffee shops, book stores and even hardware stores. Do not be afraid to out of your comfort zone and vary the places you go to.

Hang out with other people

If you hang out with the same girl friends all the time, then you may be unintentionally pushing guys away from you. Men are less likely to come over when there is an audience around, as there is definitely that fear of rejection in front of a crowd.

Mix up the people you go out with

Try to go out with different kinds of people – girl friends, guy friends, married couples. Go out with a small group. Doing so increases your chances of meeting other people, too. Married couples

Think about what you want to say

Create a strategy in your head. What do you want to reveal? What do you want these guys to know? If you already have that strategy planned out, you are less likely to be nervous or rattled when conversing with any guy. Try to prepare a few opening questions, too just to get the conversation rolling. Remember that people, whether guys or girls, love to be center of attention, so ask him questions about himself to make him more open to you.

Be prepared with your opening questions.

Ask about his favorite movies or books, his family and other fun stuff. It is so easy to make everything about you, but if you want to land a good conversation, start by making it about the guy first. They’ll end up at ease with you and will want to take the conversation even further.

When preparing a strategy, think up of filler topics, too – things that you can actually talk about to anyone, anywhere. This way, you can save your conversation even when you feel like it is not going anywhere.

Be confident

If you want someone to be attracted to you, you have to act the part and acknowledge that you are attractive, too. Nonverbal cues, habits, manners and the way you carry yourself speak volumes about you.

Married couples

Have fun

If you have met a guy already and are starting to talk to him, don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in a conversation. Make eye contact, stay focused and respond accordingly. While doing so, don’t forget to have fun.