My adopted sister called me all excited about a guy that she knows. In her words “he is cute and is a nice guy”, ” can I give him your contact info?”.  I told her okay she could. So we exchanged information and eventually landed on Whatsapp, where we text messaged away.

At first I had asked for his Facebook username he told me that he does not have any. That was okay because my I have friends who do not have an account.  Even though I had checked facebook myself.

We had been text messaging for about two weeks.  No attempt to call me.

Let me state that I am not a fan of  text messaging, my preferred mode of communication is the phone, skype and Google+. I think it is just more personal and have a lot more emotions. And also because you can get an immediate response.

When we started communicating I guess he thought that I would have been eager to jump into something, one of his comment was that he was serious about me and he hopes that I am not playing him. He would ask me on the second day if I see us married. He wanted the  ultimate commitment because he has been searching for so long and he is tired of being single. The women that he meets are not his type. He wants to settle, get married and have children.

Come on now, I don’t even know anything about you, so just relax and lets get to know each other. For me slower is better.

Low and behold I got a text asking for my username for Facebook (remember that he did not have an account), I gave him and also requested his, of which I got. I immediately sent a friend request and went on his page. What greeted me was a picture of a woman as his cover page with a comment below “big up my woman going two years strong” written in August 30 of this year.

I was really surprised by this.

I did not say anything about it but I guess he realised that I must have seen it because he stated ” you saw the picture of my ex ?” “she went away to the states and I heard she got married to somebody else” Lol. How convenient. I just laughed when I saw this.

Until now that picture is still on his cover page lol.

He is still wondering why is it that the communication has diminished.  I think he should check the Whatsapp text history between us.