Nigeria, Ghana and a few other African countries are excluded from many online dating sites because of the scams and schemes coming out of those countries, but those who persevere can find love.  Micky and Faith were able to find love as many are doing despite the negativity from the various online sites.  I say hang in there and keep going.  We can see it pays off for many!

Micky shares:  Love knows no colour or distance, our relationship proved that as my beautiful wife Faith is from Nigeria and I’m from England, we met online and the distances seemed impossible and we had people on both sides telling us is isn’t real, it’s a scam, and if it isn’t, that we are too different for it to work out. And we will only end up giving up and much more. But our love for each other grew so did our strength.

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To the point that we were willing to do anything to be together, as my loving wife proved by waiting a whole year for me to travel to met her.  As much as it was so difficult for her because she got mucked couple of times, but I am so glad she got support of her family that helped her through it. So we ignored everyone and I traveled to her.  We are now married and we are about to start our beautiful mixed family. True love conquers all and will always prevail. Remember love sees no colour, may God bless you all as he has blessed us. Amen!

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Congrats to this beautiful couple!